About Sharon

Sharon Hage is a respected consultant, successful restaurateur and chef. Classically trained, she built her reputation working in quality-obsessed establishments both large and small. She owned and operated Dallas’ York Street Restaurant for nearly a decade. Her work has earned her five consecutive James Beard Award nominations, national recognition as a pioneer of the Texas farm to table movement, and a roster of discerning clients who call on her for business assessments, consulting services and the occasional catered feast.


Listen first.
Build upon what you do right.
Believe that authenticity and integrity are qualities that resonate throughout the entire customer experience.

Our Services

Haute Cuisine or Haut Dogs, fast food or slow, operations large and small. Our services are tailored to help each individual client achieve their full potential. Quality, Authenticity, Integrity are the key ingredients for long term success.

From start-up menu development, to fresh eyes and food evolution for existing restaurants. Recipe training and implementation for a broad range of culinary skill levels can be challenging, we can help.

How do you want your guests to feel when they visit or think about your restaurant? To build customer loyalty and enthusiasm, great food is only part of the picture. Music, Flow, The Look and Feel. No detail is too small. We will help you shine.

Both great food and genuine hospitality depend on an efficient and profitable kitchen. Where to source the best ingredients, and how to optimize your purchasing procedures are essential to maintaining the highest food quality. Consistent recipe execution and smooth work flow are also major contributors to a healthy bottom line. We are experts in designing and improving all aspects of your “heart of the house” operations.

Providing a full range of customized solutions to service each unique client may sometimes require additional expertise. Facility Design, Music, Beverage, and Brand Identity are a few of the areas where we have access to the top talent..




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